Team Information

We have 12 competitive teams of all ages starting at Kindergarten through High school.  Our competitive dancers train in various genres including Ballet, Jazz, Acro/flexibility, Tap, and Hip Hop.  We enjoy traveling and competing throughout Idaho and Utah.  We have won several Studio Awards and recognition’s including the All Around Studio Award at Utah Dance Fest in 2017 and All Around Studio at Releve Dance Competition in 2016 and 2017.

Our Jazz competitive teams are Itty Bittys, Tinys, Minis, Smalls, Tweens, Juniors, JV Jazzerettes, Varsity Jazzerettes, and Senior Jazzerettes.

In addition to Jazz teams, we also feature Hip Hop only competitive teams.  I Jump, I Stomp and I Crew.  Each team is under the direction of skilled Hip Hop and Tap Instructors.

The teams are all by audition only, which are held the first week of June every year.  We then hold an Intensive Dance Camp for our new teams.  This is a first look at the teams and a way for them to get ready to work as a team.  Our Summer Dance Blast is held for the Hip Hop Competition teams, but can be attended by anyone interested in having a fun, immersive dance experience.  We feature classes including Hip Hop, Tap, Stunting, Tumbling and Fit Club.