Our Studio

We start dancers in movement classes that focus on the beginning of Ballet positions and Jazz movement at age 3. When they reach 1st grade, we split into Ballet/Jazz and Hip Hop classes.  We also offer Tumbling classes from preschool age and up as well as Tap classes beginning at 1st grade.  Competition teams are open for tryouts from Kindergarten on up.  We feature Jazz/Hip Hop Competitive teams as well as Hip Hop Only Competitive teams.

Our dance year follows the school year beginning in early September and running to the end of May.  We have tryouts for the competition year in early June with dance camps for teams to follow.  We also hold Summer Dance Blast, a fun multi-genre dance camp that anyone 1st grade and older is welcome to participate in.  We have a lot of fun learning all different types of movement from Hip Hop, Tap, Tumbling and Stunting.

Summer Dance Classes run 6 weeks in the summer, from Early July to mid August.  We offer Ballet, Jazz and Tumbling/Acro classes.  Registration for Fall Classes also takes place in mid July.  Classes are First Come, First Serve so its always smart to register early. Our younger classes tend to fill up fast!

We offer two locations for your convenience.  2437 Heyrend Way is our Central Studio, located off the Yellowstone Hwy just North of Town and Country Gardens.  We are only a few miles from Shelley area and a quick drive from the Central and West Side of Idaho Falls.  4387 E 17th St is our East Studio.  It is in the stripe mall located on the corner of 17th and Crawley.  We are right in the heart of Ammon and just South of Ucon and Iona.




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